Press Release – 05 October 2017

Europe: JAseHN achieving further progress in the field of eHealth

The focus of the eHealth Network (eHN), as the central political platform for eHealth on the European level, is on the agreement of common standards to enhance interoperability of healthcare systems among EU Member States. The Joint Action to support the eHealth Network (JAseHN) was launched in 2015 to support the work of the eHN by preparing respective actions needed for facilitating the transferability of health data across borders. And JAseHN made further progress since then, particularly in the following areas:

eHDSI – eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure
The eHDSI is the initial infrastructure for deployment and operation of services for cross-border health data exchange under the Connecting Europe Facility that has attempted to address the exchange of data cross EU boarders. The eHDSI was set up in 2017 and started to deploy its first use case services Patient Summary and ePrescription. Based on this infrastructure EU Member States will be able to connect their health systems to the eHDSI through dedicated national contact point for eHealth (NCPeH). The aim of the establishment of NCPeHs is to ensure interoperability of national health systems within the EU. In this context, JAseHN has developed a set of valuable frameworks and guidelines accompanied with policy recommendations that mainly paved the political way towards the organizational establishment of NCPeHs. Furthermore, JAseHN has delivered a Legal Agreement, forming a sustainable legal basis for cross-border exchange of health data, which was endorsed by the eHN in May 2017 together with a set of other documents completing the framework of the respective political processes. JAseHN also delivered updated Guidelines on Patient Summary for unscheduled care and on ePrescriptions and eDispensations that will both form the basis for the first use case services under the eHDSI.

Exchange of Knowledge & Global Cooperation
JAseHN has also delivered valuable reports on secondary use of health data, as well as on the establishment of a platform for the sharing of national eHealth Strategies. Furthermore, progress in the field of global cooperation was successfully achieved by delivering in-depht information materials supporting preparatory convergence meetings between the eHN and WHO as well as reports focusing on the evaluation of global eHealth specifications.

Next steps
Currently the members of JAseHN are facing an intense final working phase for the preparation of the 12th eHN meeting that is to take place on 28th November, 2017 in Brussels.

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