Work Packages


Work package number 1
Work package title Coordination
Leading applicant Federal Ministry of Health, Austria

The objective of this Work Packages (WP) is to coordinate the different parts of the work from both, administrative and content perspective as laid out in the general description of objectives of JAseHN. Another major objective is to ensure timely submission of the project’s deliverables intended for submission to the eHN prior to their bi-annual meetings in order to enable work progress of the eHealth Network (eHN) members. In this context, WP1 also aims to closely cooperate with DG SANTE on the preparation for eHN’s meeting agenda and to ensure high quality of language used in the respective documents submitted.

Also the monitoring of the overall strategy as well as the active support of the general work progress of the other WPs is to be carried out by WP1. In case administrative, financial or management issues will arise in the Joint Action or respective in the individual WPs, WP1 shall effectively deal with their resolving in a way that the project will be implemented successfully and on schedule. Financial management, reporting and monitoring of the budget shall be carried out by this WP as well. The Coordinator also acts as the interface between representatives from the European Commission (DG SANTE and CHAFEA) and the project participants. Members of WP1 will also disseminate and present current results and work progress toward external environment and other projects, also in cooperation with WP2. In the beginning of the project WP1 shall focus on the elaboration of certain procedures for work delivery (including a production approach for different types of deliverables) and financial reporting.


Work package number 2
Work package title Dissemination and Communication
Leading applicant Semmelweis University, Hungary

The objectives of the Dissemination and Communication WP are to:

Ensure that the results and deliverables of JAseHN are available in time for the defined target groups and a wider audience relevant to eHealth (coherent internal and external communication);

Ensure integrated, efficient, clear and timely internal communication between the JA partners in order to support activities of other WPs;

Ensure involvement in international events and delivery of targeted information packages toward defined target groups on both, international and national/regional level;

Provide and facilitation of the general objectives of the action.


Work package number 3
Work package title Evaluation
Leading applicant Babes Bolyai University, Romania

The general objective of the Evaluation WP is to assess the degree to which JAseHN achieved the proposed objectives. The process will focus both, on the project as a whole, as well as on individual WPs. The evaluation process will comprise three distinct components: process evaluation, output evaluation, outcome evaluation. Adequate indicators will be developed for all three levels of evaluation.


Work package number 4
Work package title Stakeholder Liaison
Leading applicant Gematik, Germany

Based on the experiences gained with the eHN it became obvious that a well-managed and sustainable stakeholder liaison process must be implemented in the follow-up of the liaison activities of the eHealth Governance Initiative by JAseHN. This Work Package will closely monitor the process of shaping the project deliverables and at the same time ensure that affected and interested stakeholders have a channel for communication with the WPs throughout this process. This aims at continuously aligning the concerned parties’ understanding with the work done by the WPs and thus facilitating a wide acceptance of the produced deliverables. Based on the above, the work package’s objectives are to:

Establish a communication channel between the JAseHN and the wide range of eHealth stakeholders that are influenced by the activities and strategic decisions of the eHN

Enable support and document a proper liaison with eHealth stakeholders including standards developing organizations which are involved in developing, building, running and therefore actively driving and influencing the deployment and use of eHealth services in Europe

Engage various stakeholders in a consultative dialogue addressing the challenge that stakeholders often have different perspectives, vocabularies and agendas

Provide the project coordinator and the work packages of the JAseHN with relevant contact points and expertise for their work.


Work package number 5
Work package title Interoperability and Standardization
Leading applicant National IT Institute for Healthcare in the Netherlands, Netherland and SeHA

Propose an organizational framework to prepare, establish and govern eHealth National Contact Points in the scope of cross border care services deployed under the Connecting Europe facilities work plan.

Propose an eID specific framework for eHealth: an agreement – primarily under the scope of the eID Regulation – on a set of common identification, authentication and authorization measures based on national solutions to allow trusted electronic transfer of patient data in cross border care and report the progress.

Update guidelines on Patient Summary, ePrescription and Patient Registries to be adopted by the eHN and report back the progress on implementation.

Propose a platform consisting of the relevant Standards developing organizations in order to create a single bidirectional interface between the eHN and the Standards developing parties.

Report on standardization developments in eHealth and on the effective use of common standards or technical specifications in eHealth within the EU.

Propose a European Strategy for semantic interoperability, based upon research project deliverables under Horizon 2020, to be adopted by the eHN.

Support Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) on activities related with deploying and operating eHealth Cross Border Services, by providing recommendations, methodologies and possible strategies to handle with innovation management, maturity and readiness levels as well as long term sustainability of key operational technical assets.

The main tasks are:

T5.1 Trusted eHealth NCP (task leader: Shared Services of the Portuguese Ministry of Health, Portugal)

T5.2 Electronic Identification for eHealth (task leader: Gematik, Germany)

T5.3 Update & revision of EU eHealth Guidelines (task leader: Agence eSante, Luxembourg and NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, UK)

T5.4 Alignment of standardization activities in eHealth (task leader: National IT Institute for Healthcare in the Netherlands, Netherland)

T5.5 Semantic Interoperability (task leader: Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Belgium)

T5.6 CEF operational support (task leader: Shared Services of the Portuguese Ministry of Health, Portugal)


Work package number 6
Work package title Monitoring and Assessment of Implementation
Leading applicant Croatian health Insurance Fund, Croatia

The main objective of this WP is the monitoring and assessment of the implementation of specific eHealth guidelines, policy papers etc. and to analyse which recommendations have resulted in a positive effect on the interoperability of eHealth systems. It will also identify gaps and legal obstacles to be further addressed.

The specific objectives of WP6 are:

To monitor, analyse and evaluate the implementation of existing eHealth guidelines.

To provide detailed reports and recommendations on the implementation effectiveness on various levels of interoperability, i.e. legal, organizational, semantic and technical, in accordance with the European Interoperability Framework.

To assess aspects of legal interoperability in the cross-border context and to provide recommendations on how to fill the identified gaps.

The main tasks are:

T6.1 Implementation of eHealth guidelines (task leader: Croatian health Insurance Fund, Croatia)

T6.2 Development of legal interoperability in a cross-border context (task leader: Swedish eHealth Agency, Sweden)


Work package number 7
Work package title Exchange of knowledge
Leading applicant Shared Services of the Portuguese Ministry of Health, Portugal

To provide the eHN with information that exists within the MS, National Strategies, benefit from benchmarking and comparison as well as being shared within the eHN.

To look at how will we handled common topics like cloud computing and healthcare data, secondary use of data, as well as, assessment of eHealth projects value, patient access related issues,  and other common questions that while national could benefit from a common understanding and common approaches.

To focus on patients, defining data portability roadmap as well as guidelines to interoperable patient-maintained records.

The main tasks are:

T7.1 Sharing of National eHealth Strategies and Action plans (task leader: Shared Services of the Portuguese Ministry of Health, Portugal)

T7.2 Secondary use of Health Data (task leader: NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, UK)

T7.3 Research on added value of eHealth Tools (task leader: 3DHHR, Greece)

T7.4 Agreements with HTA-network about eHealth assessments cooperation within the EU (task leader: 3DHHR, Greece)

T7.5 Patient access to Electronic Health Records and health data portability (task leader: National IT Institute for Healthcare in the Netherlands, Netherland and Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Belgium)


Work package number 8
Work package title Global cooperation and positioning
Leading applicant Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, France

eHealth is not only a topic which is addressed at national or EU level, it is a topic addressed worldwide. The cooperation at EU level should also ensure the alignment with ongoing developments outside the EU, so that the agreements made within the eHN are compatible with global developments and standards. Also, the eHN could benefit from studies and research done by global organizations on eHealth developments, such as the WHO and the OECD and try to influence the global eHealth.

The main tasks are:

T8.1 Participation, Liaison and Influence in global eHealth (task leader: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, France)

T8.2 Evaluation of global eHealth specifications (leading applicant: (task leader: NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre, UK)