About JAseHN

Project description

The major objective of this Project is to act as the main preparatory body for the eHealth Network according to the multi-annual work plan 2015-2018 and as such to focus on the elaboration of Deliverables that shall be submitted to the eHealth Network prior to their bi-annual meetings. The Project aims to develop political recommendations and instruments for cooperation in the four specific priority areas that are specified in the eHealth Network’s multi-annual work plan 2015-2018 and that were adopted by the eHealth Network in May 2014: a) interoperability and standardisation, b) monitoring and assessment of implementation, c) exchange of knowledge and d) global cooperation and positioning.

JAseHN is a joint action mechanism that is led by the Member States (MS) and co-financed by the European Commission (EC). It was set up by the EC through a call for proposals: the MS were invited to nominate their national competent authorities and/or their agencies that are nationally responsible for eHealth to participate as associated or collaborating partners. EU eHealth stakeholders and standardization organizations are integrated through a separate dedicated stakeholder liaison mechanism. JAseHN is based on eight work packages, with the content-related work packages representing the four priority areas as defined in the Multiannual Work Plan (MWP). Its work is divided into a number of tasks. Documents and decisions intended for submission to the eHN are channelled through the strategic project steering committee, where all associated and collaborating partners are represented.

Overall governance structure

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