May 7th, 2014 – Workshop on Pilot Study & 1st Steering Committee, Florence Workshop Objectives


Aim of the workshop is to explain to participants the actual situation of the Italian regions which will experiment the pilot study and to convene and hold the first session of the Steering Committee, which has the responsibility to coordinate the activities of the pilot study in the two countries (Italy and Portugal) and to guarantee the connections with the other work-packages.


2nd Session: Working Goups Activities


Better Methods for better Health System Division of the working groups:

  • A. Stakeholders involvement (1, 2)
  • B. Scope and organization of the planning (1, 2)
  • C. Data collection
  • D. Training ad tools for the pilot project (1, 2)
  • E. Major imbalances (1)

3rd Session: Steering Committee Installation Meeting


Objectives and activities of the first Steering Committee

  • WP5 Italian team
  • Portuguese team
  • Two Italian Regions
  • WP1, WP4, WP7 representatives
  • EFN, PGEU, ENMCA, CED representatives

May 7th, 2014 – WP7 Meeting on the Network of Experts


As side event of the conference in Firenze, and building up on the call for a first list of experts, the WP7 team organised a session aiming at better defining the expectations put on a future network of experts.
8 statements were discussed, base on the feasibility study and on the WP7 kick-off and workshop in Sofia, in September 2013. 


Meeting Material


Meeting Conclusions

WP5 Expert Conference on Planning Methodologies – May 8th & 9th, 2014 – Firenze


 The Expert conference on HWF planning methodologies is a WP5’s milestone (5.2). The aim of the conference is to analyse and assess the existing planning methodologies to identify the best practices, which will be included and described in the D052 Handbook on planning methodologies. The activities is to be carried out by a group of experts, both in-country and international, in collaboration with WP5 partners and WP Leaders.


This meeting is accompagnied with activities on the previous day (May, 7th, 2014):

Conference Activities



Conference Report & Minutes

Conference Logistic

Via di Boldrone, 2 Firenze
Folder of the villa