Workshop on Mobility Data Organised by Work Package 4


Dear WP4 Partners


The WP4 workshop on health workforce mobility data on the 3rd December is organised the day before the main Joint Action Conference to be held on 4th and 5th December in Rome. This date and location makes the workshop and JA Conference participation easier for our Partners.


The focus of this workshop will be on health workforce mobility, including recommendations on related data collection. We lean on and follow up work of previous WP4 workshops, where many aspects of this topic were already explored.


After the mobility workshop, we shall also organise meeting to launch our Activity 3 on health workforce planning data gap analysis. This activity is to compare the (health workforce) data collections countries currently conduct in terms of the minimum dataset needed to perform national level health workforce planning.


To register please contact: Andras Weber


Looking forward meeting you at this workshop


The WP4 Team



Rome, 3rd December 2014
Venue: Auditorium
Ministero della Salute – Sede Centrale
Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 5
00144 Roma


Pre-reading materials

Activity 2 – Statements and structure for the Mobility Workshop group session
Activity 2 – Proposed structure and contents of Chapter 7 of WP4 D042 Deliverable Draft 1 to support discussion
Activity 3 – Draft country template and glossary for mapping HWFP data gaps


Main objectives of the workshop

  • Final meeting and summary of WP4 Activity 2 on HWF mobility data mapping
  • Completing information on recommendations regarding HWF mobility data collection
  • Overview and validation of WP4 Deliverable 042 Draft on Mobility data mapping
  • Link WP4-WP5-WP6 work on HWF mobility and HWF planning aspects
  • Link WP4 Activity 2 to WP4 Activity 3, first meeting to start work of WP4 Activity 3 on HWF planning data gap analysis


8:30-9:00   Registration


Activity 2 Mobility Data Mapping




9.15 -10.30 – Plenary Session Presentations

Experiences of HWF mobility related projects
     1. Health Professional Mobility in the European Union Study – Prometheus Project – Irene A. Glinos
     2. Migration of Health Professionals between Latin America and Europe: Opportunities for Shared Development – Maritxu Pando Letona


HWF mobility data and information at EU and international level
     3. Overview of DG Markt Regulated Professions database – HWF mobility related data – Réka Kovács (WP4) 
     4. Brief on OECD pilot data collection on HWF mobility – Zoltán Cserháti (WP4)


WP4 HWF Mobility Data Mapping Results with link to WP5 and WP6 work, Brief overview of D042
     5. Summary of WP4 Activity 2 work and results – Edit Eke (WP4)


Introduction of group work session – Edit Eke (WP4)


10.30 – 11:00 – Coffee Break


11.00 – 13.00 – Group sessions with facilitated discussion  – in relation with D042, concentrating on recommendations
based on predefined topics and statements (with pre-reading material)


Main groupwork topics

  • Objectives of HWF mobility data/indicators/ information
  • Most relevant HWF professional mobility types for MSs, priority, reasoning, definitions and related indicators
  • Mobility indicator(s), feasibility (conditions) of collection, added value and objective of adding a set of mobility indicators to HWF data collection
  • Methodologies for collecting mobility indicators on national and international level; Regular data collections and projects/ pilot study/ survey based mobility data collections
  • International and European Union level support of HWF mobility data collection; Utilisation/development of existing EU tools (DG Markt) and considerations or new tools at EU level; Issues of motivation, feedback, mutual benefits
  • Potential best practices (country examples) of mobility data/ information management, and possible implications at international level

13.00-13.45 – Lunch at the Ministry Restaurant


13.45-14.45 – Interactive plenary feedbacks on group work 


14.45-15.00 – Conclusions, summary, and final steps of Activity 2, link to Activity 3


15.00 – 15.15 – Coffee Break



Activity 3 – HWF planning data gaps


15.15 -15.50 – Plenary Session


Quantitative and qualitative aspects of HWF planning and forecasting


15.50-16.50 – Group sessions with facilitated discussion 

  1. Revealing/Exploring country level difficulties, gaps and practical problems in HWFP process
  2. Data gaps – availability and applicability of building national datasets with key indicators (based on D051) 


16.50-17.00 – Closure and next steps of Activity 3 – Zoltan Aszalos (WP4)