Expert Meeting on the Applicability of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel


Welcome by WP4 Team and goals of the workshop 


Setting the scene – Implementation of the WHO Code Presentations and discussion focusing on ethical recruitment

        Reijo Ailasmaa (Finland
        Melanie Boeckmann (Germany)   


Applicability of the principles of WHO Code of practice in the context of free movement in the EU
Discussion on the basis of pre-sent questions


Introduction: HU-SE example on cooperation on training capacities
          Zoltán Cserháti (WP4)


Questions touch upon the following topics:

  • Relevance of ethical recruitment in the context of free movement and solidarity/equal access to healthcare
  • Cooperation on training capacities to make free movement more transparent
  • Strategies for preservation and recruitment of health workforce
  • Monitoring of intra-EU mobility, availability of data (e.g. in the context of Directive 2005/36/EU)


Lessons learned and next steps – The meeting minutes will be publicly available after being reviewed by the attendees.