First Joint Action Conference

(together with the plenary Assembly and the stakeholder forum)


The First Plenary Assembly, Conference & Stakeholder Forum of the Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning & Forecasting were very successful. The programme offered precious moments for both sharing very valuable information and networking. More than twenty speakers of high quality gave state of the art reflexion on the challenges of health workforce as a key component to sustainable healthcare systems.



Plenary Assembly


As major governing and policy setting body of the Joint Action, this first Plenary Assembly took note of the progress made during the first 9 months of the Joint Action, and acknowledged that the strategic direction taken is more than ever very relevant.


The meeting could benefit from the presence of M. Seychell, Deputy Director General at DG SANCO and of Chr. Decoster, Director General of the FPS of Belgium in charge of the coordination.


The documents are available.
Please read here the meeting minutes.



The first Joint Action conference had the intention to be a working & networking conference. With a limited set of high value speakers, the conference succeeded in the challenge of being valuable to the many attendees, and to create a good interaction.

Also, special networking moments foreseen by the organization helped many to discover new faces and to benefit from useful discussions


The presentations of the conference are available. The conclusions of the conference will be issued soon.

Stakeholders Forum


The forum are key moments to take stakeholders concerns into account and raise the collaboration with the Joint Action team but also between them on Health Workforce Forecasting and Planning



note: the presentations will be updated with meeting minutes soon



WP5 Pilot Projects Kick-off Meeting


WP5, italian & portuguese team organized a kick-off workshop about the WP5 pilot projects. This session took place for a restricted number of participants. The importance of this workshop is undisputed ! The Joint Action’s objective is not only to collect knowledge and experience, but also to start an implementation process. It is thanks to the pilot projects that this will turn into reality.


Final meeting agenda
The presentations are available.
The conclusions are available here.

Meeting of the Slovakian Stakeholders


The Joint Action Health Workforce conference provided a good platform for inviting and gathering Slovakian Stakeholders as they were identified in the Stakeholder analysis.  The prime purpose of the meeting was to gather the most important Slovakian stakeholders in notion of health workforce planning and forecasting process in Slovakia. The aim was to raise awareness of the Joint action among possible stakeholders/co-operators and to find the ways of their involvement within the project scope, thus to figure out what can be exchanged with the stakeholders and what would motivate the stakeholders to get involved in the project.


Furthermore the Slovakian stakeholder forum have served as the initial platform for development of further cooperation and strengthen the involvement of interested parties as the cornerstone for building planning capacities in the health workforce area in the future.


Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Introduction of the stakeholders/ participants
  2. Introductory presentation of the Joint Action
  3. Presentation of Stakeholder analysis and the involvement of the stakeholders
  4. Discussion


The conclusions of this meeting are available here.

Meeting of the Hungarian Stakeholders


The Hungarian team held a stakeholder forum in the Joint Action Bratislava Conference with the particitipation of the most important Hungarian stakeholders and the representatives of national Human Resource for Health Monitoring project. The main aims of the Hungarian stakeholder forum was the awareness raising on the Joint Action project, and to ensure the involvement of the Hungarian HWF planning and forecasting activities. The aims, methods and approaches of Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting project were presented to the participants. Based on this presentation, the participants discussed the future activities and development possibilities of Hungarian planning and forecasting. The policy and technical level of planning process and the importance of continuous cooperation with the national and international stakeholders were identified and received agrement.


The professional team and the stakeholders will continue the collaboration on the development of HWF planning initiatives and activities, and regular meetings and forums will be held in the future. 


First Plenary Assembly of the Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning & Forecasting, January 28th, 2014

The Plenary Assembly is the major governing and policy setting body of the Joint Action.
It represents all associated partners and collaborating partners in the Joint Action and is gathered once a year.
The Plenary Assembly takes a strategic overview of the work of the Joint Action and provides awareness on related projects and actions or changes within the EU Health Program.


Agenda & Documents of the First Plenary Assembly


– – – OPENING – 9:00 – – – 


Welcome and Introduction by Mr Christiaan Decoster, (with support slides)

General Director of the General Direction of Health Care, Belgian Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment


Introduction by Mr. Martin Seychell,
Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission


Outline of the overall objectives and scope of the JA EUHWF by Michel Van Hoegaerden, Programme Manager


Recapitulation of the objectives of the Plenary Assembly meeting by Michel Van Hoegaerden, Programme Manager


Presentation of the progress of the JA EUHWF by Lieve Jorens, WP1 leader


Presentation of the WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP7 deliverables


– – – BREAK – – – 


Presentation of the Minimal Data Set in an overall JA perspective by WP 5 (core presentation), WP 4, WP 6, WP 7


Presentation of the concept of the List of Experts by WP7


Planning of the upcoming year by Lieve Jorens, WP1 leader


– – – CLOSURE 12:15 – – – 



Pictures of the FIRST Plenary Assembly

WP5 Pilot Projects – Kick-off Session


The pilot projects are the essence of the Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning & Forecasting. They show Europe the feasibility of increasing the forecasting & planning capacities in each country/region, and help validate the Joint Action products.
The session held in Bratislava was a great opportunity to gather the two countries (Italy & Portugal) and the many regions that commit to participate and show the way.







16.00 – 16.15 G. Leonardi & F. Parra da Silva / Introduction on the Pilot Study


16.15 – 16.30 L. Jorens / The European Strategy & the importance of the Pilot Project in the JA


16.30 – 16.45 A. Zanobini / Tuscany and the MDS: a comparison (note: this document may take some time to load)


16.45 – 17.00 F. Parra da Silva / Portugal and the MDS: a comparison


17.00 – 17.30 R. Gullstrand / Presentation of the document “Planning for the Pilot Study” and of the Project teams


17.30 – 17.40 G. Leonardi / Question and answers


17.40 – 18.10 R. Gullstrand / Discussion and approval of the document “WP5 Planning for the Pilot Study” and of the Project teams:

  • Steering committee
  • Central project group, Portugal and Italy
  • Regional project groups (Italy) 


18.10 – 18.20 R. Gullstrand / Next steps and appointments


18.20 – 18.30 G. Leonardi / Closure


Meeting Conclusions

First Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting Conference Bratislava

Tuesday January 28th, 2014 – DAY 1


Welcome by Michel Van Hoegaerden – Programme Manager 


Welcome by Slovakian government 

  • Minister of Health Ms. Zuzana Zvolenská
  • General director Section of Health, Ministry of Health,  Mr. Mario Mikloši


Keynote speech by Mr. Martin Seychell, Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission, followed by Questions & Answers


Baseline overview session on health workforce planning and mobility chaired by Matthias Wismar, Policy Analyst at European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies



Wednesday January 29th, 2014 – DAY 2


Health workforce planning and mobility in OECD countries
Gaetan Lafortune, OECD, Senior Economist/Principal Administrator Health Division


Panel discussion hosted by representatives of various countries and a recruitment agency chaired by Gilles Dussault, Prof. at the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine