WP4 Workshop




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June 13th, 2014


10.00. Greetings by the representative of the State Secretariat of Health


10.10. Latest developments in the Joint Action – Michel Van Hoegaerden, the Programme Manager of the Joint Action


10.20. Workshop Opening: Goals of the Budapest Workshop – Zoltan Aszalos, WP4 Leader


10.30. Interactive Who is Who session


11.00. The OECD/Eurostat/WHO-Europe Joint Questionnaire – a source of international comparative data – Gaetan Lafortune, Senior Economist, OECD Health Division


11.25. Coffee Break


11.40. Presentation of “Homeworks”


12.30. Lunch Break


13.45. Introduction to the topics of the 2 group sessions: Gaetan Lafortune, Edit Eke/Edmond Girasek


14.05. Parallel meetings for Activity 1. and 2. (Country level presentations are included in these workshop discussions).

Terminology and Data Source Session: Drafting WP4 Questionnaire about the Joint Questionnaire.


Mobility Session: Planning of mobility research


15.20. During parallel meetings: Coffee Break


16.30. Plenary feedback from session meetings on Joint Questionnaire and Mobility issues


After the official program, a walk in the historic City Centre followed by a Dinner from 18.00 



June 14th, 2014


09.00. Opening


09.15. Presentation of Terminology literature mapping – Edit Eke, Semmelweis University, Hungary


09.30. Monitoring human resources for health in Hungary – Zoltan Cserhati, Head of the Department for Health Sector Human Resources Strategy, Ministry of Human Resources


09.55. The HWF planning model of the Netherlands – data requirements. Lud van der Velden, Senior researcher, Capaciteitsorgaan / NIVEL (handouts)


10.10. Coffee break


10.25. One-to-one 7 min. discussions on national priorities in data collection


11.30. Feedback on Joint Action developments – WP5 and WP6.


12.00. Presentation of Miklós Szócska, Minister of State for Health


12.20. Closing discussion and closing speech


12.40. Closing Lunch